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Quote: where to find your IT person

This points, perhaps, to a network issue. (…) You might talk to your IT
person. The IT support is usually found in a remote janitor closet,
eating cheetos and drinking mountain dew while playing Everquest on a
wireless laptop. Just follow the crumbs.

– quaoar [at] in microsoft.public.excel.crashesgpfs

Download Rush

Peer-to-peer downloading produces a rapid high and within seconds of starting a download, the user experiences euphoria along with other intoxicating effects. If sufficient gibibytes are downloaded they produce anesthesia, a loss of sensation, and even unconsciousness (although unconsciousness may also be due to oxygen deprivation). Some users may also experience the impression of time slowing down. Alcohol-like effects include slurred speech, muscle weakness, belligerence, apathy, impaired judgment, euphoria, and dizziness. In addition, users may experience lightheadedness, hallucinations, and delusions. Successive downloads may make users feel less inhibited and less in control. After downloading heavily, users may feel drowsy for several hours and experience a lingering headache.

Peer-to-peer downloading also cause a giddy feeling and a pounding of the heart and as they also dilate the pupil, the black part of the eye, they can cause distortions in vision. Some use peer-to-peer downloads for anal intercourse because they relax the anal muscles, and sex in general as they can make you feel less inhibited, increase skin sensitivity and produce a sense of exhilaration and acceleration before orgasm. Downloads give a feeling of an intensifed orgasm of longer duration.

When downloading, peer-to-peer networks act as vasodilators by relaxing smooth muscles throughout the body, including the sphincter muscles of the anus and the vagina. Vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels) causes a sudden drop in systemic blood pressure that is followed by a sharp rebound increase, increased heart rate, and a sensation of excitement that can last for several minutes. Core body temperature can drop as a result of heat loss through the dilated vessels of the skin. The blood vessels in the brain lack sheaths of smooth muscle and are unique in that they expand and contract in order to regulate blood pressure within the brain.[citation needed] The speed charts in download clients override this regulatory mechanism, and as such the drop in systemic blood pressure and subsequent vascular pressure spike are experienced directly by the brain.[citation needed] This causes the euphoric “head rush” associated with excessive downloading.

Based on Wikipedia:

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Ik daag iedereen uit om de titel van deze post in te typen in Bash.

DISCLAIMER: zorg dat je vooraf alle andere programma’s afgesloten hebt!

Printing Press - English Common Press, Fawkner, 1700s

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Dit is de standaard onzintekst die al honderden jaren gebruikt wordt door drukkers en DTP’ers om een pagina op te vullen met tekst, zodat men de layout al kan beoordelen vóór men de eigenlijke tekst van de opdrachtgever heeft.

Tegenwoordig zijn daar allerlei geautomatiseerde variaties op. Bijvoorbeeld, kan je zelfs een versie in het Quenya (elfentaal, uitgevonden door Tolkien) geven:

Nót cu assa inqua amanyar, sáma mantil vórima pé tul. Már oi ilma felmë larca. Er osellë nahamna rip, cil ai caurë cuilë estel? Nót rata mavor tihta be, ara vá línë racinë calina, tec cé pica alcarin taniquelassë. Túr na osellë ettelen, sondë nimba winga tec or.