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New blog layout

The blog has a new layout. Some of the most important changes:

  • Much smaller logo. The logo was taking up waaaaay too much space.
  • The thumbnails have a shadow on the main page.
  • I hope that the font is easier to read. I might tweak this later.
  • Less clutter in the sidebar!
  • The social links have moved to the Contact page.
  • The top menu is rearranged a bit.
  • The blog archive displays the full article, not just an excerpt.
  • Infinite scroll! I don’t know yet if I like it, I might change it later.
  • The blog archive has 2 columns. Again, I’m not sure about this, might change it later. Feedback is welcome, leave a comment!
  • The most recent post is displayed full width.
  • On individual posts the thumbnail image is now the background of the title.
  • I’m still not entirely happy that the author is shown at the bottom of each blog post. I’m the only author here, so that’s useless, but I have not yet found how to remove that. EDIT: fixed with some extra CSS. Thanks for the tip, Frank!

Do you have any suggestions or comments on the new layout?

2 thoughts on “New blog layout”

  1. Neve is nice (and fast), good choice! Re. author info; you could always hide it with CSS in Appearance -> Customize -> Extra CSS with something like .wp-post-author-wrap{display:none;}?

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